Satellite Media Tours (SMT)

Chuck E and his team have booked over 700 satellite media tours and provide the best bookings in the broadcast public relations industry. A Satellite Media Tour allows a spokesperson to be interviewed via satellite by as many as 30+ stations from around the country.




Services Include:

Develop a Newsworthy Topic
  • Research current news to determine best news "hook"
  • Brainstorm with clients to develop news angle
  • Explore local angles and customize alert for local markets
  • Write media alert and suggested anchor lead-in & questions
Media Pitching and Booking
  • Pitch & schedule interviews with station contacts via phone
  • Pitch your target markets and stations
  • Fax media alert to over 850 media outlets
Full-service Production
  • Coordinate and establish satellite uplink and phone lines
  • Assist in acquiring SMT interview site (studio or remote location)
  • Single or multi-camera shoot
  • Shoot & edit roll-in & tease b-roll to send to stations to enrich
  • Hire a full crew for media tour and coordinate makeup & catering services
  • Tape and ship generic & customized interviews to stations
Monitoring and Reporting
  • Follow up with stations via phone to confirm future airdates
  • Use of Universal Video Monitoring Service to track all television airings and viewing only airchecks
  • 2 television airchecks of choice on a DVD
  • Provide a detailed audience and ad value report
  • Acquire airchecks of your choice