Highlight Reels

A highlight or sizzle reel is a professionally produced and edited 3 to 10 minute video designed to showcase the positive results of your public relations campaign.

We will assist you by ordering video and audio clips from newscasts and radio programs, as well as using newspaper and magazines coverage to produce a compelling video highlighting media coverage of your successful project.

Highlight reels are a great marketing tool to show your client how their money was spent and for your sales force to show prospective clients the success and frequency of PR efforts.

We combine high end graphics and music to create an powerful marketing tool that can be shown to clients, co-workers and potential customers. The videos are entertaining and engaging while at the same time emphasizing important points such as total audience numbers/impressions and key messaging.

The highlight video can also be used at a year end wrap-up event to show employees and management a summary of some of the company's public relations campaign successes.