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Every newscast is made up of several unique and distinct parts. The first block of a newscast is the
A-Block that includes the top stories of the day. The lead story is the first story in a newscast and is universally labeled A-1, which is where we get our name.

Just like A-1 represents the lead story in the first block of a newscast, we believe our clients deserve a leader in the broadcast public relations industry.

cameraA-1 Broadcast is a full-service broadcast public relations agency that specializes in getting clients the results they deserve. Our media team is led by the nationally renowned Chuck Edmundson, who has been creating successful broadcast projects for over a decade. A-1 Broadcast works closely with clients to create media strategies that produce the best broadcast PR results in the industry. Our services include satellite media tours, radio media tours, video news releases, audio news releases, public service announcements, highlight reels, corporate videos, online media releases.

sattruckBroadcast Media is a unique form of communication that is always changing. TV and Radio News deadlines are instantaneous and the people in a newsroom live under intense pressures. Understanding the newsroom dynamic is key. Experience has taught us that anything is possible in broadcast news, and we understand that every newsroom and each newscast is made up of complicated and constantly moving parts.

camera2A-1 Advantage: Unless you have worked inside a newsroom, it can be hard to understand how all of the parts fit together to produce a newscast. That is the A-1 Broadcast advantage. A-1 Broadcast is led by a former television news director with more than 30 years of TV and Public Relations experience. A-1 Broadcast's producers and pitching staff also have years of major market broadcast experience, which translates into successful projects and results for our clients.